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PT Installation at Construction Site

Post-Tension Systems & Materials

PTE Strand’s Post-Tension Materials provide advantages over convention designs (rebar & concrete) and pre-cast structures for several reasons. Concrete is very weak in tension but extremely strong in compression. Post-tensioning acts on the concrete structure or elements by compressing the cast-in-place concrete to high pressures. Some advantages of post-tensioned concrete include crack control and lower construction costs.

Post-tension materials (PT) can provide thinner slabs and is especially important in high rise buildings in which floor thickness savings can translate into additional floors for the same (or lower) cost. PT can optimize constructability by having fewer joints since the distance that can be spanned by ...
Engineering & Design Services

Engineering & Design Services

PTE Strand’s Engineering Team is a highly skilled, highly motivated group of engineers. They have many years of experience and use only the latest state-of-the-art design software. Whether we are solicited for full design services or asked to work with your construction team, we strive to bring value to each unique opportunity. Our engineers evaluate these opportunities to optimize any cost and/or time saving solutions we may find for our clientele. In today’s economy, being efficient is paramount to the success of a project. Utilizing PTE Strand’s professional services will maximize your efforts when pursuing any engineering solutions.

Some of our engineering services include:

Aid in Feasibility Studies and Cost ...
Barrier Cables

Barrier Cables

PTE Strand is a “turnkey” Barrier Cable contractor with the ability to design, supply and install economically efficient vehicular and pedestrian retention / restraint systems. Barrier cable products are some of the most cost effective materials when considering design alternatives to meet any International Building Codes (IBC) or Post Tension Institute (PTI) Guidelines. Our trained field technicians install and repair barrier cable systems with safety in mind and are very experienced in the proper installation of these materials.

Since barrier cable systems are an efficient design, the strength-to-weight ratios afford these materials to be one of the best pricing alternatives versus; cast-in-place walls, pre-cast panels or ...
Cable System Repairs, Renovations & Strengthening

Cable System Repairs, Renovations & Strengthening

PTE Strand takes pride in being a resource to contractors, property owners and engineers in the area of Repairs, Restoration and Strengthening. Our in-house engineers and field staff provide real solutions and exceptional service. We have many years of experience in products and methods to meet your needs.

Some of our repair services include:

Post-tension Repair & Strengthening
Inspection and Repair of post-tensioned structures should be performed by only experienced personnel. The design of these structures contains high-strength steel strand that are under extreme tension & pressure. PTE Strand’s Field Services provide:
  • Inspection of existing post-tensioned structures for integrity of system ...
PTE Shear Reinforcement Systems

PTE Shear Reinforcement Systems

Today’s construction industry has been put to the task of providing more efficient, lean, cost-saving measures regarding building design. Responding to economic concerns, most owners, developers, architects & engineers are looking for solutions to reduce material quantities and decrease labor costs. One of the most efficient building designs is the “Flat Plate” structure utilizing thinner slabs and wider spacing between columns. To accomplish these goals designers often utilize post-tensioning materials to aid in achieving these lean, efficient structures. One design concern that may arise is punching shear capacities at the column-slab connects.

In the past, the conventional approach was to thicken the slab around the columns ...
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