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Engineering & Design Services

PTE Strand’s Engineering Team is a highly skilled, highly motivated group of engineers. They have many years of experience and use only the latest state-of-the-art design software. Whether we are solicited for full design services or asked to work with your construction team, we strive to bring value to each unique opportunity. Our engineers evaluate these opportunities to optimize any cost and/or time saving solutions we may find for our clientele. In today’s economy, being efficient is paramount to the success of a project. Utilizing PTE Strand’s professional services will maximize your efforts when pursuing any engineering solutions.

Some of our engineering services include:

Aid in Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimating
Involving PTE Strand Engineers early in a project’s conception will help determine if the idea is, indeed, a viable opportunity. We can help answer the question, “Does the proposed design make economic sense”. We will help with an early assessment of what type of design may be best for your particular situation. Also, involving PTE Strand in your Cost Estimation will help formulate a realistic budget.

Full Design Services and/or Partial Design Responsibilities
Whether we are contracted to do a design from “foundation-to-roof” or “partial design”, our Specialty Engineers will work with your Construction Team from Owner/Developer to Contractors/Suppliers. Our construction knowledge and specialized design services are utilized on structures such as condominiums, parking garages, mixed use buildings, industrial facilities, and commercial & residential projects.

Design/Build and Negotiated Ventures
PTE Strand prides itself in being an integral part of any design/build project and is dedicated to being a “Team Player”. Often these types of projects require that team members be flexible and resilient in nature. As you strive to bring together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment, PTE Strand is up for the task at-hand. Your timeline and efforts can be streamlined so construction can begin while the building is still being designed. This approach works well in new construction and existing renovation type work too.

Value Added / Value Engineering
As we all work within today’s economic challenges, our engineers bring additional value to your projects by seeking out Value Engineering opportunities. Substantial cost savings may be present within your current construction documents and PTE Strand may be able to help realize these savings.

· Cost savings via alternative designs such as post-tensioning vs. conventional designs.
· Evaluation of best approach to the “mean-and-methods” of construction of your project.

Material substitutions such as the type of shear reinforcing, carbon fiber strengthening or more efficient vehicular/pedestrian retention systems.

Post-tension Supply-type projects
PTE Strand provides shop drawings for installation, outstanding technical assistance and comprehensive direct support backed with integrity. “Turnaround” time with regards to project changes and additional scope of work are fast and accurate. We also support supply projects with Stressing Log Reviews, Back-up & Support Steel quantities, and sealed placement drawings.

For every project we provide well planned, consistent and reliable engineering team support which becomes the foundation for achieving successful results. PTE Strand prides itself on its engineering abilities and to come up with alternatives and solutions…..not excuses.

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