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Today’s construction industry has been put to the task of providing more efficient, lean, cost-saving measures regarding building design. Responding to economic concerns, most owners, developers, architects & engineers are looking for solutions to reduce material quantities and decrease labor costs. One of the most efficient building designs is the “Flat Plate” structure utilizing thinner slabs and wider spacing between columns. To accomplish these goals designers often utilize post-tensioning materials to aid in achieving these lean, efficient structures. One design concern that may arise is punching shear capacities at the column-slab connects.

In the past, the conventional approach was to thicken the slab around the columns with a drop capital and utilize mild-reinforcing stirrups and bars. This type of remedy causes a lot of congestion and increased labor costs. Some studies show that the conventional punching shear reinforcement may not be as efficient as previously assumed since some capacity is lost at the bends of the stirrups.

PTE Strand’s Shear Reinforcement Systems are the best alternative to the old mild steel shear reinforcement. Our punching shear reinforcing reduces congestion while drastically minimizing the need for any localized thickening of the slab at the column head. Our large headed studs are welded to flat steel rails and are placed on plastic spacers (chairs) to meet concrete cover requirements. The time needed to place our Shear Reinforcement is great reduced compared to placement of the old stirrup / bar design.

The PTE Strand Shear Reinforcement can be utilized at the anchor zone in place of hairpins used as conventional bursting steel reinforcement. Our materials can be utilized, as well, in highly congested transfer beam/girders, wall or foundations.

Our Shear Reinforcement Systems lend support to engineers as they strive to be efficient and employ cost effective measures in today’s economy. Our engineers are well versed in this type of design and can be utilized in converting less efficient structural designs to the new punching shear reinforcement.

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