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PTE Strand is a “turnkey” Barrier Cable contractor with the ability to design, supply and install economically efficient vehicular and pedestrian retention / restraint systems. Barrier cable products are some of the most cost effective materials when considering design alternatives to meet any International Building Codes (IBC) or Post Tension Institute (PTI) Guidelines. Our trained field technicians install and repair barrier cable systems with safety in mind and are very experienced in the proper installation of these materials.

Since barrier cable systems are an efficient design, the strength-to-weight ratios afford these materials to be one of the best pricing alternatives versus; cast-in-place walls, pre-cast panels or filled-cell CMU walls.

Working with owners, architects and engineering firms, we can help come up with solutions while keeping aesthetics, cost and functionality in mind. Retention and restraint systems are important features in parking garages and commercial structures so PTE Strand plays a key role in completing these design requirements.

Repair or replacement of barrier cable systems are accomplished by utilizing PTE Strand’s expertise as well. We keep your budget in mind while also minimizing loss of use for your important facilities. Structures with bare steel cables may contain corrosion and require repair or replacement. We recommend replacement with galvanized cables. These cables can also be coated with a plastic or epoxy sheathing. Many older parking structures require a “face-lift” or “tune-up” wherein we will fulfill your needs. If there are barrier cables that have been damaged or pulled out of their anchoring devices, PTE Strand will repair or replace the cable to help avoid code violations.

Some of our products and services include:
  • Materials utilized for design of structures requiring IBC “vehicular impact code” coverage
  • Materials utilized when considering pedestrian retention
  • Installation Services and Equipment
PTE Strand prides itself on the ability to come up with a solution when talking about design, supply and installation of barrier cable systems. Call us to discuss your alternatives.

IBC “Vehicular Impact Code” Coverage Materials  · Pedestrian Retention Materials  · Miscellaneous Products & Services

IBC “Vehicular Impact Code” Coverage Materials

Galvanized 0.5” diameter, 7-wire steel strands, 250ksi & 270ksi strengths

• Galvanized, no coating
• Plastic-coated galvanized
• Epoxy-coated galvanized
• Stainless steel

Posts, tubes and bollards involved in the barrier cable systems

• Round
• Square
• Ornamental

Pedestrian Retention Materials

Chain-link fencing

• Galvanized
• Vinyl-coated galvanized

Galvanized 0.5” diameter, 7-wire steel strands, 250ksi & 270ksi strengths

• Galvanized, no coating
• Plastic-coated galvanized
• Epoxy-coated galvanized
• Stainless steel

Wire-rope, 1/8” to 3/8” diameter

• Galvanized, no coating
• Stainless steel
• Plastic-coated, galvanized or stainless

Miscellaneous Products & Services
• Labor installation crews
• System evaluation and inspection
• Certified welders
• Miscellaneous metals supply for materials involved in barrier cable systems
• Numerous anchoring devices and embeds (both external and internal)

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