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Cable System Repairs, Renovations & Strengthening

PTE Strand takes pride in being a resource to contractors, property owners and engineers in the area of Repairs, Restoration and Strengthening. Our in-house engineers and field staff provide real solutions and exceptional service. We have many years of experience in products and methods to meet your needs.

Some of our repair services include:

Post-tension Repair & Strengthening
Inspection and Repair of post-tensioned structures should be performed by only experienced personnel. The design of these structures contains high-strength steel strand that are under extreme tension & pressure. PTE Strand’s Field Services provide:
  • Inspection of existing post-tensioned structures for integrity of system with regards to corrosion and current forces remaining on the strands.
  • Repair and replacement of strands whether from corrosion or damage to new construction. Occasionally a strand may be accidentally cut by other trades performing services or installations in post-tensioned buildings. Also, if a strand is found to be corroded and needing repair or replacement then this can be accomplished safely by PTE Strand Field Services in existing occupied building. Minimizing down-time for the use of your facility is one our main concerns when called upon.
  • External post-tensioning can be installed to meet “change-of-use” requirements or design deficient situations. Some of these situations include new concrete slab openings to existing conditions, installation of new equipment to existing structures, design deficiencies in both pre-cast & cast-in-place structural members. External post-tensioning can be used for beam enlargements, as well.
Carbon Fiber Strengthening
This proven new technology has many applications in both new construction and renovations in existing structures. Although this material was costly when first introduced, it has now proven to be a very cost-effective solution in the construction industry.
  • Concrete strength in new construction not meeting design requirements may be able to be supplemented with carbon fiber sheets or rods. Before demolishing a column or beam, call PTE Strand to assess the situation to see if carbon fiber wrapping of the column saves you project time and cost over-runs.
  • With today’s economy driving owners and architects to utilize existing buildings instead of more expensive new construction, they are finding that often these existing designs may require upgrades to satisfy the needs of the building “change-of-use”. Originally designed service loads of these older building may not fulfill their new use making carbon fiber a great supplement to the renovation.
Barrier Cable Repairs and Replacement
Barrier cable materials are some of the most cost effective materials to use in new construction to meet life-safety vehicular and pedestrian retention. If these systems are not maintained over their life-cycle then their original design intent may be compromised. PTE Strand Field Services can be utilized to investigate and assess the integrity of your barrier cable system for the need for any repairs or material replacement. Some older barrier cable systems utilized plastic-coated bare steel strands instead of galvanized materials to ward off corrosion. These systems have a shorter life-cycle and higher incidence of system failures. These materials should be replaced with galvanized strand and installed correctly by experienced personnel such as PTE Strand’s field team.

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